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Data Breaches: Why You Should Care and What You Should Do

lock with credit cards

Numerous reports of data breaches have been in the news recently. Read this article for more about data breaches and what you should do if it happens to you.

Summer Vacation: 6 Tips to Protect Your Privacy

newspaper-drivewayThese tips will help you and your home stay safe while you're on vacation.

Sony Offers Free ID Theft Protection to Playstation Account Holders


What happened: Detailed information of about 77 million people has been stolen from Sony. Consumer groups are calling this one of the largest—and most serious—data security thefts in history.


If you have a Sony Playstation Account, consumer groups strongly recommend that you immediately sign up for the free ID Theft protection. Read this article for more details.

New Credit Card Survey Reflects the Impact of the CARD Act

credit-card-checkupNew credit card survey from Consumer Action reflects the impact of the CARD Act. The survey shows that rates and some fees are up. It also provides details on the CARD Act changes.

There's still time to comment on the FTC Privacy Report

surveyThe report endorses "do not track" to allow consumers to control online tracking. The comment deadline has been extended to Feb 18.

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